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The year is 2020, the month of August, seven months after the discovery of COVID-19 in China, five months after the first Philippine lockdown. But alongside when everything is in turmoil, a beautiful silver lining sparks and in which is ignited through the form of Living Ideas. The community quarantines have been established with a consistent demand on everyone to be in their homes at all times, or most of it at least. It was a global effort to adjust in battling the swift widespread of the virus. Our routines are conformed to minimal movements, limiting ourselves to not go outside. We have transcended our homes’ essentiality to just being a living space. It became a space for almost everything: recreation, shelter, rest, security, work, studio and it still extends further.

Our lifestyles have changed. It was the unforeseen moment to reimagine our ways at home.

Since then, there has been the subdued necessity to prioritize our personal environment in enhancing leisure and productivity. But within such a sudden change of everything comes a newfound beautiful opportunity amidst adversity.

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Living Ideas invalidated the idea of simply conforming. Living Ideas chooses to deliver essential home collections with remarkably unique and elevated user experiences. Considering the rising and significant numbers of hours each one of us spends in our homes, it is this prime instance that we need to invest in our personal spaces – which creativity never seizes to fail.

With over 30 years of having mastered the art and business of manufacturing export quality furniture in the global scene, Living Ideas is proud of its streamlined and natural progressions towards producing artistic home pieces that are equally aesthetic, unique, and practical than what the local mainstream market is offering. For even during a tragic pandemic, Living Ideas confidently believes, with its craftsmanship and passion for design, creativity will always shine on its way and stay relevant to the welfare and comfort of each one and another. Hence, our very promise of offering creative solutions for everyday needs.

More than anything else, Living Ideas wants to make yourself truly at home.

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